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Organization Tips

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Patterns on File

Knitters will never tire of knitting books and magazines, however, the number of patterns available as electronic downloads continues to increase. Downloading patterns right onto your computer, usually as a pdf, is quick, and usually less expensive than it would be if mailed. Keep electronic clutter to a minimum by organizing your electronically downloaded patterns. For easy reference, create and categorize folders, for example, accessories, mittens and gloves, etc. File each pattern in the appropriate folder.


Swatch Library

It's a good idea to knit a swatch or sample piece before you begin any project. Usually knitters create swatches that are about 4 x 4 inches; just large enough to be able to count stitches and rows. Instead of unraveling your swatch when you're finished, why not save it? Create a swatch library using a 3-ring binder. Print out pages to use as a template that includes information about the yarn. If it feels rough on your hands, jot it down. If you used particular stitches, make a note of it. Be sure to leave space on the page to pin on the swatch. This book will be an invaluable reference and will come in handy when your memory fails you.

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